Healthy Living.  Made Simple.
27 Top Nutrition Experts bringing you all the secrets to KETO!

At AIHL, we’re all about simple, sustainable steps. Why?  
We realize one simple step at a time will lead to life-long change. 

Everyone, at some point in their life, attempted a massive overhaul of their health. 
When everything changes at once, typically people get overwhelmed and eventually give up and quit, feeling as if you’re destined to remain sick and unwell. 

That doesn’t have to be the case.  It starts with one simple step at a time.

We believe everyone is born with the inherent ability to heal. Your body is intelligent, has phenomenal capabilities, and is programmed to be healthy. We just need to stop interfering with our health.

The state of your health today is a perfect representation of all the decisions you’ve made in your life
Your body responds perfectly to the situations you give it. Nourish your body with good, it’ll respond favorably. 
Treat your body unwell, and you guessed it, it will respond accordingly. 

Here at the American Institute of Healthy Living, we know that most people want to be healthy. They’re just not sure where to go or how to do it. We’re living in a time with access to so much information, yet with conflicting resources and perspectives, all of that information becomes difficult to navigate and people end up overwhelmed. 
We’re here to cut through it all and teach you the simple steps to a healthy lifestyle.

Think of it—if you start by making one change, just a baby step today and continue it for the rest of the month, will you be healthier or sicker at the end of the month? We believe you already know the answer.

It’s these simple steps, taken one at a time, that result in true lifestyle change. 
AIHL is about YOU creating the healthy lifestyle YOU want.
Healthy Living Resources

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Virtual Summits
Ready to listen, watch and learn?  Whether you want to submerge yourself for hours at a time or take 30 minute increments, you'll be able to learn on a variety of healthy living topics through our Virtual Summits.  We've connected with the largest thought leaders in the healthy living to share their expertise.  This is an easy, fun way for you to incorporate knowledge and continue (or start) your journey on healthy living. 
We brought together over 25 top thought leaders within the health and nutrition space, sharing their expertise in ketogenic nutrition.  They're giving you step by step approaches to one of the most popular conversations today. 
Find out why KETO is more than just fat loss and an increase in energy.  
Join us for this free, online event at

Are you looking to take your health up a notch?  Not sure where to start with your nutrition?  Or looking for a simple, step by step approach to eating better? 

So many "diets" fail, and we're here to teach the simple steps to lifelong changes in nutrition for you and your family. 

Dr. Lisa has put together a simple 6 week program for you to implement those steps and finally see some positive changes in your life. 

Dr. Anna Cabeca has created a brand new, completely HYPER-personalized 10-day program called ‘Breeze Through Menopause.’
Dr. Anna, a triple board-certified physician and women’s hormone expert, is world-renowned for helping women of all ages with ‘life’s unpleasantries’ such as:
Weight gain ⚖
Hormone imbalance 🤷
Low energy 🧟
Insomnia 😴
Hot flashes 🔥
Brain fog 🧠... the list goes on!
Dr. Anna knows that thousands of women are struggling with the same things you are!
But she ALSO knows that these symptoms don't go away on their own.
To become the most vibrant, happy person you can be, it takes support and guidance.
That's precisely why you've got Dr. Anna in your corner. ;) And I am proud to help her spread the word for her groundbreaking Breeze Through Menopause Master Class.
What’s even more amazing is that somehow…
...she managed to make this entire professional-grade course 100% free.
Spots are limited, so grab your Masterclass spot while it’s still available -->here

Healthy Living Courses

Do you want to help inspire others? Are you ready to make a bigger impact in the world?

At the American Institute of Healthy Living, we have a variety of instructors here to help you learn at your own pace and in the comfort of your home.  We've designed the levels of our courses to best fit your needs.  If you're a stay at home mom looking to ensure you're raising your family the healthiest they can be, we recognize time is precious.  We have a MasterClass for you.  However, if you're in the wellness field and ready to up your game, we have courses designed for you as well! Like we said- AIHL is about YOU creating the healthy lifestyle YOU want.
The state of your health today is a perfect representation of all the decisions you’ve made in your life.  Every decision you make today impacts the quality of your health ten, twenty, even fifty years down the road.  
Choose HEALTH.
-Dr. Lisa Olszewski 
Founder, American Institute of Healthy Living
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